m.haight | Invest In Your Artist

INVEST IN YOUR ARTIST is a challenge to the system of values that keeps the majority of artists operating in survival mode, vs. thriving as working class citizens of our shared culture and economy. It is an ask for you to reflect upon:

  1. Your personal relationship to art.
  2. How you spend your money.
  3. What your spending says about what you value. 

Invest in the continued growth, work, and sustainability of photographer/videographer, m.haight, by making a one-time investment of any amount, or a recurring $25 monthly contribution using the INVEST/SUBSCRIBE buttons below.

All funds will support the general expenses associated with being a working class, multi-disciplinary artist:

  • LIVING EXPENSES: rent / food / utilities / health insurance
  • TOOLS + EQUIPMENT: cameras/lenses/misc photo equipment
  • BUSINESS EXPENSES: web hosting / business cards
  • PROJECT SPECIFIC EXPENSES: artist fees / travel expenses

Our current model in the US isn't working. As a culture, we pay $15+ to see a movie, $4+ for a coffee, and $10+ for a cocktail without batting an eye. We scoff at ticket prices above $10 for seeing new music. We download music for free or through businesses who feed their piggybanks with our money and pay artists pennies. We support Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Hatchfund campaigns that are intended to fund only a singular project, not the sustainability of an artist - and even then, the reality of the larger economic system requires tangible hard expenses be prioritized, with artist payments often shelved, diminished, or abandoned all together. Artists continually do other artists 'favors' - collaborating, engineering, arranging, choreographing, and performing in each other's work without pay, further perpetuating the cycle of unsustainability. 

What about the process? What about the research? What about the training? What about the exhale, the after, and the spaces between making larger works? What about those pesky basic living expenses? What about healthcare? Taxes? Retirement?

You may think art isn't saving lives (I wholeheartedly disagree), but you'd never expect a doctor to work for free, or suggest that one should just be grateful they get to do what they love without it providing for their basic living expenses.